Sounds for Future Fusion – Individuals (AMFI)

How can the fundamental act of ownership redefine the fashion industry? iNDiViDUALS Generation 31 presents FUTURE FUSION as an answer. A hybrid runway showcasing both physical and virtual garments, complemented by an industry-relevant talk demonstrating the potential for digital metamorphosis in fashion. Music produced and designed by Sounds Like Tamara / Tamara van der … [Read more…]

Photography video – Alles Was Du Wilst This is not a music video, it is the 1st part of some of my video pieces. Work in progress, while traveling through Berlin, summer of 2019. This is my ode to Berlin, “Alles was du wilst”, as this city gives me everything I want. Edited & designed during the 1st lockdown in Amsterdam, … [Read more…]

Mix for Gonzo (Circus) online

Gonzo Circus is a Dutch-language bi-monthly culture and music magazine, first published in 1991 in Belgium. It is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The magazine primarily focuses on contemporary musical genres such as jazz, improvised music, modern classical music, rock, noise, electronic music and world music. They where the first to release my music on their … [Read more…]