Art coach & educator

Being an artistic entrepreneur and music designer, I have been working closely with artists and students in higher art education since 2013, where I combine my artistic practice as a sound tutor and educational experience as an art coach.

I’m available as sound/music guest tutor and as art coach & student coach
– for artists who need feedback while working on a project or exhibition.(fashion / design / sound)
– individual talks and studio visits depending upon the project
– for artists who are would like to starting up their own business (how to be a freelancer in the creative industry)
– for students at an art academy (bachelof / master) (for support in the final year)
– assisting in collaborative art project (production / marketing / pr)

I’m able to offer my expertise for fashion / fine arts & design students in their final (graduation) assessment, for example I learn students how to work with music sound, give a lecture about my work or setting up a workshop. For complete sound coordination / the final fashion show, in collaboration with the department, I can work within the department as a guest tutor.

Previous collaborations with students from different art departments: Amsterdam Fashion Instituut (Individuals by AMFI), ArtEz Fashion Design, Dirty Art Department (Sandberg Instituut),the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Fashion Department), Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Jewelry Department).

Practical: by having individual talks or studio visits regarding the student’s artistic process, I investigate stressmanagement and coach students for collaborative art projects, producing exhibitions and learning students how to start up their own practice.

Artistic: as a soundartst and music designer, I’m able to understand an artistic proces of a maker, designer, musician or performer, who is working either solo or in collaborative way. Because of my expertise in (multidisciplinairy) cultural productions & organizing exhibitions, I can offer individual coaching with the artistic development of students, in particular when students are to graduate.

I can talk with you, if you’re stuck in your artistic process or project obstacles, or if you are looking for feedback, I can offer my help, to learn how to divide time for work and time to recharge.

For more information and appointments, contact me here: