DJ Mix

01. Acid set from a long time ago!

02. Lockdown set at HÖR Berlin

03. Music For Eternal Recurence – Pub Radio (Sandberg Instituut)

04. Mixtape #303 for Gonzo Circus Magazine, by my alter ego The No!

05. Red Light Radio, with me (Club Lederhosen, new beat, electro,discohouse)

06. Red Light Radio – with Tamara (electro mix)

07. Red Light Radio – Club Lederhosen Seduction II: new beat, with special guest djs Handless Dj & Eddy De Clercq)

08. Red Light Radio – Sounds Like Tamara (various electronica, old & contemporary)

09. Mix for SOTU Festival

10. Mix for Haperende Mens festival

11. Red Light Radio – Club Lederhosen with Handless DJ & Tamara

12. Mix for Amsterdam Dance Event

13. Seduction 1 (Club Lederhosen)