Club Lederhosen

Club Lederhosen, started somewhere in 2010, because me and my friends love music and having a good time together. So we did parties, in our own homes, basements, empty buildings, unforgettable queensday-street raves and also in clubs and venues. So I started a blog one day to write about whatever moves me in music of art and fashion. I combine either music and graphic design or fashion / performance. I curated and organized club events, with artists, djs and performers.

Club nights:”Heroes Bash“, “Electro De Merde” (Sugar Factory, SOTU Festival), “SEDUCTION I & II” (Doka, Canvas) and sometimes I hosted a radio show on Red Light Radio.

graphic design by Bas Mantel

graphic design by Bas Mantel

Previous editions:
#1 Club Lederhosen & DC20 Release party – Underdock NDSM (sold out), Bahk, Hakki & PQ dj-set (2010)
#2 Club Lederhosen & Waxclub – (Brussels)
#3 Club Lederhosen Queensday Streetrave – Runstraat 2, Plattegrond
#4 Club Lederhosen curators – Sotu Festival (OT301, Sounds Of The Underground, with Cute Heels live (BE), Stel-R (BE), Martin Duvall (Disco Total)
#5 Club Lederhosen: Heroes Bash (Amstelhaven) Signograph (Berlin)
#6 Club Lederhosen: Electro de Merde, Handless Dj (BE), Walrus (BE), Wiertz (Mokum Bloody Beats), DC20 (live), Lazer, Reefteef, Sugar Factory,
#7 Club Lederhosen: Electro de Merde New Beat edition, Dionysius (NL), Boris Scorpio (Plattegrond), Lazer, Reefteef, Wiertz, Sugar Factory,
#8 Club Lederhosen: Electro De Merde, Salvador (NL), Wiertz, Sugar Factory,
#9 Club Lederhosen: Electro De Merde, Reggie Satanas (Red Light Radio), Wiertz, Sugar Factory,
#10 Club Lederhosen: SOTU Festival, OT301: The No, The KVB (UK)2013
#10 Club Lederhosen: SOTU Festival, OCCII: Mark van de Maat (Knekelhuisdisco), RUDE 66 (dj set)
#11 Club Lederhosen: Paradiso, The No, (sound design fashion show Gerrit Rietveld Academie) & after party Club Lederhosen (basement)
#12 Club Lederhosen: Individuals / AMFI fashion show
#13 Club Lederhosen: Transformatorhuis / Amsterdam Fashion Week
#14 Club Lederhosen: Van Gogh Museum / Vrijdagavond (dj set) 1 Nov 2013
#15 Club Lederhosen: FOAM / Rocket Cinema silent disco (dj set) 2 Nov 2013
#16 Club Lederhosen: DOKA / with Knekelhuis(disco),Seduction 1: Veronica Vasicka, Orgue Electronique, Interstellar Funk, Verena Michels (fashion performance)
#17 Club Lederhosen: Red Light Radio (with special guest Handless DJ)
#18 Club Lederhosen: OT301 / de Peper / SOTU Festival 2014, with Handless DJ & Nikolai van Zeeland
#19 Club Lederhosen: Werkplaats / A Number Of Names, a Detroit photo story by Matthias Schmitt, with Dynamodyse & Handless DJ & Nikolai van Zeeland
#20 Club Lederhosen presents Seduction II: New Beat, with Eddy De Clercq (BE/NL), Raderkraft (NL), Handless DJ (BE),Canvas(26th March 2016)
#21 Club Lederhosen Fashion Rave: Salvador, Freek Fabricius (030303), Boris Scorpio, + fashion designers from Gerrit Rietveld Academie. 16-09-16 OT301
#22 Club Lederhosen: SEDUCTION III with Margie, The No, Raderkraft (Cinetol) 10-03-2017
#23 Club Lederhosen: Tamara’s Birthday Bash with Salvador, Maxime Duvall, Handless DJ, Eddy De Clercq, Raderkraft, Boris Scorpio, DJ Wiertz (Canvas) 12-08-2017

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