Art, Music & Remixes

2023 “Acid obsession”, Video directed by me (Tamara van der Laarse), nocturnal footage filmed in Amsterdam and mainly in Berlin. Music produced by Dirk Wiertz, vocals by me

2015 Teaser of my remix for Martin Duvall’s tophit “All Night”(produced by Aroy Dee) I took out the italo of the original and was inspired by Martin’s lyrics, one sentence in particular: “be nice, I tried, I love you”.

2014 Sept “Breathing Machine”, Sound Scape production for artist Martin C De Waal – Torch Gallery (30th anniversary)

2014 Remix for Hunter Complex (re release on Mind The Gap, Gonzo Circus)

2014 Music Remix (released on Narrominded) Hunter Complex “The Hours”, Serious Glass – The No remix
press quotes
‘The No changes it into a mysterious track with thumping synthibeats and Drvg Cvltvre gives it a kind of ambient feel with unsettling synthwaves.’
gonzo (circus)

2013 Music Production , (released on Mind The Gap #100, Gonzo Circus Magazine) Scrumptious Monster (exclusive) – The No

photo: Onscherp

photo: Onscherp

2013 Art project: DOKA (Volkshotel) I.c.w Knekelhuis & Club Lederhosen, “Seduction Pt1”, I did photography art & music programming and a fashion performance with Verena Michels & my music.

2009 Remix Project: W139 The Moi Non Plus Remixed (Subbacultcha), group exhibition & remix “I lie”, by The No

2009 Music Remix (released via Subbacultcha)The Moi Non Plus Remixed (Subbacultcha!) I Lie – The No remix (no soundpreview available)

2008 Live Act Paradiso (main room)
performance with dancers,The No (my music “I Love Bleeps”)

2008 Live act: Paradiso (small room) Radio Soulwax & Guests
Audio visual live performance The No, with my own music & typographical visuals

2008 DJ: Melkweg (old room) Radio Soulwax & Guests
dj performance The No & typographical visuals

The No Disco - photo by Lutz Baumann

The No Disco – photo by Lutz Baumann

2008 Art Project: Paraplufabriek Nijmegen, exhibition “Unknown Pleasures” Art (group) exhibition with an installation by The No (a one persons disco with an unofficial ‘no remix’ of a track one of my fav bands.

2007 Art Project: Rev Laboratories collaboration The No
Illegal music remix project with graphic artist Bas Mantel,who designed a poster for my music remix

cd-booklet by The No/Tamara - photo Kate Moss by Inez van Lamsweerde for FOAM.

cd-booklet by The No/Tamara – photo Kate Moss by Inez van Lamsweerde for FOAM.

2006 Art Project: FOAM / Museum Night (I.a.w The Kate Show)
A performance / exhibition of one piece of music, by The No (Allegro For Kate Moss)
paparazzi installation & music & video art

2006 Art Project: FOAM / Club FOAM (I.a.w The Kate Show)
Lecture about The No and MuseumN8 music piece, (The Kate Show, exhibition dedicated to Kate Moss, i.a.w curator Colette Olof)

graphic design The No: Tamara van der Laarse

graphic design The No: Tamara van der Laarse

I started making music in 2004, when I was an art student and had to empty my head. I created The No, an audio-graphic alter ego, playing around with a non existing identity. Read more here..

2001 – today DJ The No (main / support)
Performing in clubs, organizing theme/ club-nights see references online
style: electro, minimal wave, new beat, abstract, pop, modern classical
depending on the concept, location and atmosphere. See here more about that