About me

photography by Maarten Nauw

photography by Maarten Nauw

In my work I combine my knowledge and love for music and art in several ways. Storytelling in sound and music. Using different layers in my work, music research, concept, emotion, color, speed, darkness, light, stage, movements, coordination, mixing and performing.

I take care of everything to design a custom made audio soundtrack. I’ve collaborated together with many fashion designers, art academies, choreographers, light experts, fashion weeks, art exhibitions & various project. Can be as simple or complicated as you wish.

My expertise: music direction, student & art coaching, DJ, concept design and production. Due to performing on many various venues (for events), I love to think about how to use a space / venue with music?
1) Sounds for Future Fusion (Individuals / Amsterdam Fashion Institute)
2) Sound for couture – Conny Groenewegen (video)
3) Holocube, art installation by Ting Gong (glass pyramid installation in space)
4) UNSEAM ( Sounds for a presentation)
Sound for art performance – with artist Ting Gong
6) Additional sound & music productions – vocal edits & recordings
7) My fashion resume music direction – Music for catwalk shows & presentations for various designers, solo & group shows, art academies & art institutes

Previous fashion collaborations