Music for artfilm “Mahura”

Here two sound snippets of the soundtrack I composed, mysterious, strange music / sound for this short artfilm,’MAHURA’ (directed by Surim Kim) Screened at the exhibition show of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, VAV-Moving Image Department. (5-7 July 2023) Still by Surim Kim. (Main inspiration for creating the composition for the eerie sound piece was inspired by … [Read more…]

Music direction for Fashion Show – Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Music direction & student coaching (individual studio meetings) for the annual Fashion Show, of the fashion department of Gerrit Rietveld Academie. The Rietveld Academie Fashion Show is the annual presentation of the Fashion Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. This year the Rietveld Academie Fashion Show presents the graduation projects of JAKOB HODEL, … [Read more…]

Music design for Individuals (AMFI)

I designed a cutom made ten minute soundpiece, for the “flashmob”-catwalk presentation with Individuals & New Optimist, on location at ISOAMSTERDAM.(21-6-2023) See my instagram for a short impression:

Release “Acid Obsession” – Intellitronic Bubble

A 10-inch & digital release of the track “Acid Obsession” produced with Dirk Wiertz, ft my vocals! This release “Oh Super” is out via Intellitronic Bubble! (Icelandic Record label founded by Lee Norris and Árni Grétar releasing limited runs of lathe cut vinyl and also compact discs CD’s – both glass mastered and CDR’s.)

Video for “Acid Obsession”

“Acid obsession”, Video directed by me (Tamara van der Laarse), nocturnal footage filmed in Amsterdam and mainly in Berlin. Music produced by Dirk Wiertz, vocals by me Track was played on Dave Clarke’s Whitenoise radio show (14 April 2023), what an honor! (from 07.32)

Sounds for Future Fusion – Individuals (AMFI)

How can the fundamental act of ownership redefine the fashion industry? iNDiViDUALS Generation 31 presents FUTURE FUSION as an answer. A hybrid runway showcasing both physical and virtual garments, complemented by an industry-relevant talk demonstrating the potential for digital metamorphosis in fashion. Music produced and designed by Sounds Like Tamara / Tamara van der … [Read more…]

Sound design Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (Tommy Driessen)

I’m creating the sound & music coordination for stylist Tommy Driessen who is launching his (first) sustainable fashion collection, in collaboration with Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week. As the theme is Hollywood glamour, I thought of many shimmering elements, in the music, to design a custome made soundtrack, was quite a challende, having almost no reference … [Read more…]

dj – NATAN Couture (Amsterdam Fashion Week)

Tonight I have the honour to close the Amsterdam Fashion Week with Natan Couture, from Brussels. About Edouard Vermeulen (founder & designer NATAN) Born in Ieper (Belgium) on 4th March 1957, his training as an interior decorator (St. Luc Brussels) served as his initiation to work with volumes and materials After three years of activity … [Read more…]

UNSEAM – Karin Vlug & Bas Froon (M-ODE) UNSEAM is a start-up founded by Bas Froon and Karin Vlug that develops new technologies enabling local, digital and on-demand manufacturing of textile products. The textile landscape is changing – the existing model of long lead times of mass produced products from Asia will not be profitable and sustainable in the near future. Most … [Read more…]