Interview Tamara (BIAS Magazine)

I was interviewed by Veerle Broersen for BIAS Magazine, “it’s first edition is an ode to the home city of BIAS. We believe Amsterdam is one of the best cities to explore your own fashion style and inspire others.”

About my experience as a dj and artistic music designer, the electronic music scene and designing music and sound for fashionshows. Featuring me as an expert and young talent dj Lara Liebrand. About strong identity, community of underground scene and merging (relation of) techno with fashion.

As it’s been two decades since I entered the music industry and over one decade of fashionshows, nice to look back on all the things I did (it’s a lot) and how I believed in myself and found my way to express in music & art & design.

Thank you Veerle for the invitation!

Info: Bias Magazine
Photo: from my photography archive (The No / Tamara van der Laarse)