Soundpiece & art installation Midnight Masquerade

What is Midnight Masquerade?
A festival, a club night, a masked ball?
All of the above!
(photo above by Lisanne Lentink)

“Hope is a muscle that allows us to connect” – title inspired by Björk’s lyrics (Atopos)

Eleni Palogou and Tamara van der Laarse create an interactive installation exploring hope through photography, scenography, sound, music, and light. Nostalgically embracing their memories with a retro vibe, they unveil enduring fragments of hope. Eleni, as a scenographer, weaves visual narratives, while Tamara, a sound artist, complements the installation with an ambient sound piece from various field recordings.

The installation starts as an empty space with hanging metallic nets, waiting for change. Fabric strips from Eleni’s childhood bedsheets surround the area. Two view master devices show glimpses of what the filled installation could look like. They bridge the gap between past and present, inviting active participation.

Spectators are encouraged to engage by writing on fabric strips what brings them hope and hanging them on the metal nets. This participation isn’t just an addition; it’s an embodiment of hope, symbolising strength in unity and shared aspirations.

An integral part of the installation is a soundscape made from field recordings. The field recordings have been created in Berlin, when Tamara experienced being in a new and different surrounding, adapting to change, which lead to reconnecting with hope. The ambient sounds are created in Amsterdam, combining two (hopeful) worlds in one, the past and the present.

Eleni and Tamara enrich the exploration of quiet sources of hope persisting even in the darkest corners. Visitors actively contribute, transforming the installation into an evolving archive of hope. Through this interactive process, individual contributions weave together a tapestry of hope, both personal and universal.

Mixed media: metal wire, plastic viewmaster, photography, textile, lights, cloth
Soundpiece: 05:30 (length)
Sound of taking (long) walks
Sound of street ambiance in Charlottenburg (Berlin)
Sound of music playing in metrostation Friedrichstrasse
Sound of birds in park
Sound of people chanting
Sound of nature
Sound of taking long walks
Sound of Mozart
Sound of taking long walks
Sound of Berghain toilet
Sound of taking long walks
Sound of people in the park

About the artists:
Eleni Palogou, a multidisciplinary artist originally from Greece and currently based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, brings a blend of artistic influences to her work. With a background in scenography, architecture, artistic swimming, and pole dancing, Eleni’s creative journey reflects a diverse range of interests. Her artistic expression involves a harmonious integration of spatial art and design, paired with elements of storytelling and choreography. Grounded in the realms of perception, reality, and phenomenology, Eleni takes pleasure in offering spectators a fresh perspective. Her aim is to create aesthetically pleasing environments that bring both surprise and joy while encouraging moments of thoughtful reflection.

Tamara van der Laarse
Amsterdam based soundartist, electronic music composer and dj. Her multidisciplinary practice spans formats including composing music, art performances, music releases, photography, video. Van der Laarse’s performances have appeared at fashion shows, art nights, club- and museum nights. In her work she analyses different approaches with the use of sound and music, working almost like a sound architect. As she studied audiovisual art and graphic design, she loves to design music conceptually, shaping her own sonic worlds. Making electronic compositions and sometimes using piano or cello sounds and her archive of various field recordings, designing imaginary moviescores is what she loves most. Her work becomes the intersection between music and performing arts. Tamara has been an educator/artistic music director at several art academies, working and mentoring art pupils.

What: Midnight Masquerade
Date: 10-02-2024
Time: 21:00 – 03:00
Location: De Nijverheid, Utrecht
Made possible by de Gemeente Utrecht
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Midnight Masquerade