Mix for Gonzo (Circus) online

Gonzo Photo The No

Gonzo Circus is a Dutch-language bi-monthly culture and music magazine, first published in 1991 in Belgium. It is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The magazine primarily focuses on contemporary musical genres such as jazz, improvised music, modern classical music, rock, noise, electronic music and world music.

They where the first to release my music on their compilations “Mind The Gap’, and as a audiographic designer The No, I had the honours to be releases 3 times on this compilation c.d. (That comes with the magazine)

My monday mixtape #303 (my lucky nr) for Gonzo (circus) is online, a 50-minute hypothetical-movie-soundtrack-taking-place-on-an autumn-night. It has different styles os music, from soundscape to classical sounds and different shapes of (vintage & contemporary) electronica, and so on. Including two of my own tracks.