UNSEAM – Karin Vlug & Bas Froon (M-ODE)


UNSEAM is a start-up founded by Bas Froon and Karin Vlug that develops new technologies enabling local, digital and on-demand manufacturing of textile products.

The textile landscape is changing – the existing model of long lead times of mass produced products from Asia will not be profitable and sustainable in the near future.

Most of what we wear is produced at the other side of the world with the sewing machine and is one of the most labor-intensive industries in the world. In 2018, UNSEAM developed a seamless, three-dimensional shaping textile technology for the textile industry, making labor-intensive operations unnecessary.

By combining new and existing digital techniques, UNSEAM aims to enable designers and brands to produce their clothes, shoes and furniture made to measure and on-demand: closer to the end-user.

Sustainable, ethical and scalable. (music designed by Sounds Like Tamara) Presentation at @M-ODE