Sound design Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (Tommy Driessen)

I’m creating the sound & music coordination for stylist Tommy Driessen who is launching his (first) sustainable fashion collection, in collaboration with Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week.

As the theme is Hollywood glamour, I thought of many shimmering elements, in the music, to design a custome made soundtrack, was quite a challende, having almost no reference to the designer’s work, as this was his 1st catwalk collection he designed.

The music features real Hollywood elements, vintage fifties voices, a special intro (for the opening + light effects), three unique music pieces, produced by Octave Rimbert-Riviere, in collaboration with me.

Intro – additional productions by Dirk Wiertz
Show music – produced by Octave Rimbert-Riviere
Sound coordination, concept and final mix by Tamara van der Laarse

Krasnapolsky Hotel Amsterdam
Thursday October 3, 2019
– invite only –