I love music, I used to perform as a Dj, I was bored in graphic design/art school so I started designing sound. In my work I combine my knowledge of different styles of music, to translate a visual concept into audio/soundtrack. In collaboration with fashion designers, art academies, light experts, fashion weeks, art exhibitions & various project.

My expertise: music direction, student & art coaching, DJ, concept design and production. Due to performing on many different locations, I’ve become an expert in difficult accoustic (spaces) for sound, how to use a space with music?

1) Sound for couture – Conny Groenewegen (video)
2) Sound for art installation – Holocube, by Ting Gong (glass pyramid installation in space)
3) Sounds for a presentation – UNSEAM
3) Sound for art performance – during the annual Museum Night, with designer Ting Gong
4) Additional sound & music productions – vocal edits & recordings
5) My fashion resume music direction – Music for catwalk shows & presentations for various designers, solo & group shows, art academies & art institutes

Previous fashion collaborations