In short:
Tamara van der Laarse,(Sounds Like Tamara) is a music professional / creative entrepreneur, who works as a music designer for fashion shows, dj and marketing events. She also has an ongoing conceptual (art) project called The No, once created during design class at Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Since 2001 she has been djing in Amsterdam clubs and has collaborated with many organizations and she supported a lot of local & international acts throughout the city’s nightlife. With Club Lederhosen she is producing events, doing art direction and bringing multiple disciplines together with dj’s, designers, artists, Tamara is very closely connected with the city’s music & art scene.

As a child she was classically trained in music from the early age of six, she played a variety of instruments, piano and cello and later she used her knowledge to transform her musical fantasy for various projects. Tamara’s father, bassplayer & singer Cees van der Laarse, introduced her to her first concerts and both her parents have been a big influence for her in the education of music. At the age of 18, she focused on photography and locked herself way in the darkroom, printing black & white photographs. She studied shortly on the Academy for Photography and decided to go to art school at the age of 23. She got accepted at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, (University of Applied Sciences for Fine Arts and Design) where she studied audiovisual arts and graphic design.

Her passion for music brings Tamara in 2001 to the record shop “Plaatboef”, where she decided to become a dj, after one year collecting records and being surrounded by so much music. Soon she was invited by the late Roy Avni (Electronation) from the record store (Plaatboef) to come play at his infamous electro parties.In 2006, she started working at the legendary shop in Amsterdam, Get Records, where she shares her knowledge with music lovers and introduce them new music.

As a dj, she mixes minimal wave with very abstract electronics, underground dance and new beat. Tamara collaborated / shared venues with The KVB, The Soft Moon, Soulwax, LCD Soundsystem and a long list of various bands from all over the world. DJing is also the germ of interdisciplinary collaborations with artists and organizing concept nights under the name ‘Club Lederhosen.’ Nothing to do with leather, only a tribute to her parents who both used to wear leather pants in the ’80s.


Since 2005, she starts creating work as a producer of electronic music under the name The No. Read more here…

Since 2010, Tamara has discovered that she has a great fascination for the symbiosis between fashion and sound, started by assisting Salvador Breed with music research for the shows of Iris van Herpen. To become a conceptual music designer for fashion shows, fits Tamara like a glove. She works with various fashion designers from all over the world during fashion weeks. Since five years, she is also coaching graduation students in their last month towards the final fashion show, at Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She’s interested in conceptual adventures and is not afraid to experiment.

design: Bas Mantel

design: Bas Mantel

Tamara also organizes multidisciplinary theme / club nights or radio specials. Together with ambitious artists or people she admires, who are not afraid to experiment with new ideas in performance art & music. She has supported various organizations and festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event, Knekelhuis, N8, Red Light Radio, Subbacultcha. In 2012 she set up the publicity and marketing-campaign (plus music programming), to raise awareness for the musical underground with SOTU Festival. (Sounds Of The Underground) Currently, she is also working diligently on her own secret photography project.

1 night Pop Up photo expo by photographer Matthias Schmitt (Dynamodyse) at Volkshotel (24-01-15, Amsterdam), “A Number Of Names, a photo story about Detroit, where Matthias has documented an impressive piece of work.